Core Technology Functions

Full-Platform Inter-Operation

Full coverage for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac, and Mini-Programs platforms, adapting over 5,000 terminals.

Low-Latency and Low-Freezing

Global E2E maintains about a 70ms latency range, ensuring smooth and stable video calls even with a weak connection, 60% video anti-packet loss and 70% audio anti-packet loss.

Immersive, Interactive Experiences

Outstanding image quality up to 1080 HD, 48 kHz full-band sampling, special effects including voice change, reverb, and beautification.

Global Distribution

Optimal unrestricted transmission through global distribution and multi-path coverage.

One-Stop Functionality Suite

Multi-function suite provides tools for beautification, instant messaging, and content moderation, covering all app business needs in one place.

Simple, Flexible, Open APIs

Developer-friendly A/V pre-processing supports connection to third-party functions like beautification.

Application Scenarios

Group Chat

  • Group chats, multi-channel video windows, adjustable tone and image quality, voice change and reverb, beautification, great social entertainment.

Many-to-Many Voice Chat

  • Multiple microphones for user interaction, special audio effects like reverb and voice change, background music, great social entertainment.

Online KTV

  • Online library song selection and queuing with modes for solo, duet and chorus, ultra-low latency and lyrics synchronization worldwide.


  • Smooth, low-latency voice-connections ideal for online game.

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