Application Scenarios

One-to-One Video Chat

  • One-to-one chats, on-demand access, self-adaptive video quality, end-to-end data encryption to guarantee privacy.
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Group Chat

  • Group chat, multi-channel video windows rendering, adjustable video quality, voice change, reverb and beatification.
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Co-Hosting Between Anchors

  • Anchor-audience or multi-anchor face-offs enliven online entertainment, with smooth Mic transitions.
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Interactive Large Class

  • Teach small, large, or open classes remotely with support for slide presentation, testing, and group activities.
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Remote Video Meeting

  • Remote HD video meeting, easy multilocational access. Screen sharing makes communication and collaboration more efficient.
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Excellent Performance

HD Video

Flexibly adjust publishing settings, up to 720P and 1080P HD image quality, 4 K/60 fps encoding data transmission.

Low-Latency and Low-Freezing

Global E2E maintains about a 70ms latency range, ensuring smooth and stable video calls even with a weak connection, 60% video anti-packet loss and 70% audio anti-packet loss.

Synchronous Audio and Video

Audio/video alignment deviation ranges within -110 ms ~ +25 ms, deviation alignment for multi-anchor screen display < 100ms, outside the range of human detection.

Screen Sharing

Share images without distortion; the same image quality is available to both anchor and audience, reaching the optimal resolution allowable.

HD Quality Image

Restore the image based on neutral neework algorithms to ensure the visual experience.

Flexible Open APIs

Developer-friendly A/V pre-processing supports easy access to A/V databases, meeting customization demands like voice change, beautification and AR.

Product Features

Co-Hosting Interaction

Low-latency multi-anchor streaming capacity breaks new ground for collaborative stream pushing and media sharing.

Stream Pushing to CDN

Real-time customizable video mixing and transcoding at the server end for CDN delivery, SEI/DSE synchronization, and social sharing.

Raw Data Collection

Different types of audio/video original data can be obtained prior to encoding and transmission, allowing developers to customize data to specific needs.

Dual-Stream Video

High/low quality video stream adapts to various video layouts.

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