Application Scenarios

Social Entertainment

  • Beautification can be applied to live streaming and video chats, enhancing user experience with various special effects.

Online Education

  • Various beautifying effects for live streaming improve educational efficacy and enjoyment.

E-Commerce Platform

  • Beautifying effects are available for influencer marketing, model pictures.

Interactive Games

  • Beautifying effects are available for gamer video chats, along with various special effects to make games even more enthralling.

Excellent Performance

High Performance

Real-time CPU and GPU operation, low consumption of computing resources

Easy Access

The core SDK and special effects package decouple for simple API design and quick start

Platform Interoperability

iOS, Android, and Windows platforms

Effect Customization

The supplied design tools provide a high degree of freedom, perfect for customizing special effects.

Product Features


Precise slider-scale effect adjustment, with low resource consumption, thus optimizing for low-level hardware.

Smooth Skin

Highly adjustable blemish removal—for pimples, wrinkles, moles, birthmarks, and scars—consumes less computing resources, thus optimizing for low-level hardware.


5 stylistic filters: holiday, clear, warm, fresh, and soft.


A wide variety of beauty shaping tools—including face slimming/shrinking, eye enlargement/distancing, forehead height/width, nose shape and lip shape adjustments

2D Face Stickers

A variety of entertaining facial feature-based sticker effects

Gesture Recognition

11 kinds of gesture recognition—including victory, thumbs-up, (one or two-handed) heart sign, Spiderman, holding, hang loose, deference, open palm, clasped palms, and OK.

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