Core Technology Functions

Full-Link Quality Inspection

Run quality and adaptation capability inspections before, during, and after class, working with Data Cube for full-link options and transparent solutions.

Many-to-Many Real-Time Video Interaction

Adapt to various teaching scenarios in real-time audio/video, either between or within virtual classrooms, whether one-on-one or among hundreds of participants.

Screen Sharing

Instructors can present local files and observe Q&A processes from student terminals, whether on mobile or PC.

Real-Time Q&A

Online classrooms are equipped with text-based chatrooms and private messaging functions to complement real-time audio/video interaction.

Cloud Recording

Flexibility recording saves teacher-published streams and audio/video stream mixes for cloud access.

Real-Time Content Moderation

Real-time assurance of a healthy classroom environment.

Application Scenarios

One-ton-One Interactive Class

  • Globally accessible low-latency audio/video interaction
  • Multiple screen sharing modes
  • Real-time cloud recording and playback
  • Real-time classroom observation for parents

Small Interactive Class

  • Flexible co-Hosting pptions
  • Customized layouts for mixed stream recording
  • SDK performance optimization
  • Q&A via text messaging
  • Beautification and stickers

Dual Instructor Class

  • 1080p UHD Ppublishing
  • Dual-stream uplink for PC
  • Remote classroom interlinking
  • Full-path acceleration and ultra-low latency
  • Real-Ttime cloud recording and playback

Open Class

  • 1080p UHD publishing
  • Stream pushing to CDN
  • Audiance interaction via real-time co-hosting transitions
  • Q&A via text messaging

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