Application Scenarios

Online Education

  • Teacher and student identifiers, entry notifications.
  • Discussion zones, P2P chat inside and outside the classroom.
  • Unicast or broadcast signals for sign-in, hands-up, whiteboard, and problem solving.

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Social Entertainment

  • Public bullet screen, private chats.
  • Channel annoucements, role definition and user rosters.
  • Unicast or broadcast signals for gifts and likes.

Audio Chatroom Interactive Live Streaming E-commerce Live Streaming

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Video Meeting

  • Calling and put-through
  • Discussion zones, private chats
  • Meeting aliases and user portraits

Group Conference

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Excellent Performance

Instant Messaging

Highly reliable channel transmits stable, low-latency messages.

High Concurrency

A flexible and high-capacity structure facilitates rapid development.

Global Distribution

Six switching centers and over 300 nodes distributed worldwide provide messaging services to a global user base.

Platform Interoperability

Support for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Mac, and Mini-Programs platforms.

Product Features

P2P Message

P2P messages in different places.

Broadcasting Announcements

A user can join several rooms

and receive broadcast messages from different rooms.

Room & User Profiles

Flexible property adjustment to facilitate service patterns.

User Online Status

Online status query, and status change notifications.

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