Application Scenarios

Online Education

  • Covers different classroom modes for on-demand playback and student review.
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Social Entertainment

  • Stream recording facilitates highlight playback for more dynamic co-hosting and anchor face-offs, while providing the necessary source for content moderation.
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Financial Regulation

  • Fulfills requirements set by the People’s Bank of China and China Banking Regulatory Commission for remote financial services such as online registration and interviews.
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Customer Service Quality Inspection

  • Fulfills the needs of customer service review for online consultations and services, with referential archives for dispute resolution.
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Remote Meeting

  • During enterprise collaboration or executive meetings, cloud recording prevents missing key points and facilitates sharing with any absent personnel.
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Superior Performance

Simple, Easy-to-Use, and Reliable

Two RESTful APIs can quickly launch cloud-based recording.

Customized Recording Layout

Four pre-configured layouts meet the needs of diverse scenarios.

Dynamic Recording Updates

Unobtrusively adjust recording settings mid-process without affecting video quality and integrity.

Third-Party Storage Compatibility

M3U8 recording format means files are easily transferable to third-party storage platforms such as Alibaba Cloud.

Easy Access and Low Cost

Services are all on-demand, with no upfront investment in resource deployment, greatly reducing development and O&M costs.

Reliable and Secure

Global node distribution optimizes accessibility, while E2E data security protection enables automatic storage, preventing accidental loss.

Product Features

Single-Stream Recording

Record a single user’s audio/video stream.

Mixed-Stream Recording

Record a combination of multiple audio/video streams.

Flexible Layout

Large layout selection.

Event Notification

Events are synchronized in real-time; the recording process is transparent and controllable.

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