Core Technology Functions

Global Distribution

Six switching centers and over 300 service nodes allow smooth audio/video calls across the country.

Intranet/Extranet Interaction

Support for interconnection between users and services.

Stream Pushing to CDN

Distribution by stream pushing to CDN enables real-time conference and meeting participation, no matter where in the world colleagues are located.

Instant Messaging Channel

Text chat and data transmission by instant messaging.


Support abundant beautification functions via SDK, enriching video conference experience.


Rich screen sharing functions for more convenient collaboration and content sharing.

Application Scenarios

Video Meeting

  • Multi-party audio/video call with low-latency
  • Echo elimination, noise reduction
  • Real-time screen sharing, PC dual uplink
  • Cloud recording
  • Stream pushing and distribution
  • Beautification

Enterprise Collaboration

  • Smooth audio calls
  • Clear images, ultra-low latency for video calls
  • Low-latency, high-concurrency instant messaging
  • Real-time screen sharing, PC dual uplink
  • Beautification

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