Application Scenarios

One-on-One Voice Chat

  • One-to-one chats, on-demand access, self-adaptive audio quality, end-to-end data encryption to guarantee privacy
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Many-to-Many Voice Chat

  • Multiple microphones for anchor-audience interaction, special audio effects like reverb and voice change, background music
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Online KTV

  • Online library song selection and queuing with modes for solo, duet and chorus with ultra-low latency and lyrics synchronization worldwide.
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  • Smooth, low-latency voice-connections ideal for online games.
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FM Voice Radio

  • Music and talk radio, podcasting, fan interaction, full-band sampling and Hi-Fi tone quality.
  • Full-band sampling ensures Hi-Fi audio quality for audio broadcasting and fan interaction.
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Excellent Performance

Hi-Fi Audio Quality

48 kHz full-band audio sampling, dual-channel stereo and voice positioning realizes 3D surround-sound stereo experience.

Low-Latency and Low-Freezing

Global E2E maintains about a 70ms latency range, ensuing smooth and stable audio calls even if uplink and downlink network packet loss reaches 70%.

AI Echo Cancellation

Echo cancellation based on neural network algorithms ensures clear audio calls.

AI Background Noise Reduction

Noise reduction based on neural network algorithms mitigates disruptions.

AI Audio Restoration

Extract high-frequency audios and restore audios with higher quality based on neutral network algorithms.

Flexible Open APIs

Developer-friendly A/V pre-processing supports easy access to A/V databases, meeting customization demands like voice change, beautification and AR.

Product Features

Comprehensive Volume Control

Flexible control of the volume of audio sources' (remote audio, background music, or audio from Mic) local or remote output.

Audio Mixing

Creative mixing of local or online audio with microphone input for subscription and play.

Voice Change & Reverb Effects

Rich configurations for special audio effects, including 14 voice changes, and 10 reverb options such as KTV, studio, and concert.

Raw Data Collection

Developers can separate, decouple, and then modify the raw audio data from various sources to meet their specific needs.

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