Application Scenarios

Social Entertainment

  • Meet requirements for content compliance, social sharing, and highlight playbacks during anchor-audience co-hosting or anchor face-offs via pushing streams to a third-party CDN.
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Online Education

  • Enable real-time classroom live streaming, recording and highlight playback via pushing streams to a third-party CDN even for large and open class scenarios.
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Online Meeting

  • Enable remote meeting viewing, participation and recordkeeping via pushing streams to a third-party CDN for enterprise collaboration and executive meetings.
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Excellent Performance

H.265 Protocol-Based Stream Pushing

A lower encoding rate and lower bandwidth occupation for the same image quality on top of H264 protocol-based stream pushing.

Stream Pushing & SDK Decoupling

Invoke and trigger server-side API on top of client SDK invoking, realizing streams pushing, and decoupling from client SDK.

Multi-CDN Compatibility

RTMP stream pushing to CDN is compatible with primary CDN vendors like Alibaba Cloud and Wangsu.

Customized Stream Pushing Layout

Fulfilling service needs by customized layout, background settings, and watermarks.

Stable and Scalable Stream Pushing

Stable and controllable stream pushing by adapting to exceptional scenarios at anchor terminal, dynamic synchrony expansion.

Synchronous Audio and Video

Anchor image alignment deviation is less than 100 ms, outside the range of human detection.

Product Features

Source Stream Pushing

Specific audio/video stream pushing.

Relayed Live Broadcasting

Combination of multi-channel audio/video stream for streams pushing.

Customize Meida Info

System or customized messaging in SEI/DSE field while audio/video data transmission to meet layout needs.

Flexible Layout

Fulfilling service needs by customized stream pushing.

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