Provides Branded Merchants with a One-stop Solution for Social Live Streaming and E-commerce.

The Yijian APP is a vertical-market e-commerce platform using a “Live Streaming + E-commerce” method to cultivate products without unified market standards, such as jadeware, emeralds, antiques, calligraphy, paintings, and tea. After more than two years of meticulous product and technological development, a multi-platform live broadcast shopping channel from merchants to consumers has been formed by resident merchants and self-built channel models.

Features and Challenges

E-commerce live streaming mainly involves one-way live streaming. The traditional live streaming solution will perform by directly pushing CDN delivery using RTMP.

Accordingly, stream pushing is the most important link in live streaming. If the stream pushing network is unstable, audiences’ experience will suffer regardless of any optimizations we have made. The live streaming scenarios for merchants using the Yijian APP are more complicated compared to traditional e-commerce, mainly facing the two challenges below:

Various network transmission and coding/decoding technologies provide fluent, low-latency, and high concurrency e-commerce live streaming services, which are unanimously approved by merchants. The publishing experience takes a leading position in the industry.

Technical Solution Strengths

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